We are a team of software engineers and creative content designers who are enthusiast about technology. We are always ready to take on new challenges and help customers with their requirements from A-Z.


Teya is a service that makes it affordable to hire a tutor or assistant to help you with your educational studies. It’s a community driven and focused platform built to provide educational help to those who need it.

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PEIT is a simple chat messaging system that can be easily integrated into your website, mobile app, or any software with internet connection. What makes PEIT great is it’s ease of customization and compatibility.

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Our Services

Software Development

Bring your idea to life with a capable team that can handle your project from A-Z along with post services such as maintenance and development. Learn more about our development process and post services.

Cloud Infrastructure

We work with world top Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Our certified engineers can setup and / or maintain your cloud infrastructure to run your systems with stability and securely.


We believe in creativity in design, and that every piece has a purpose and way to be presented to the audience. Our designing team can help with UI, UX design, as well logos, posters and banners. Visit our gallery.

Office Automation

Automation Is an important aspect of every business that needs to develop it’s process to be automated. The more automated your work process is the more productive you business is and more cost efficient. Our team of engineers can study your business work flow and provide consultation on how to automate the process by using existing solutions or building a custom solution tailored for your business.


eBusiness is one of the world top money generating fields and it’s related to building a service that is fully operational online using nodes and interfaces that helps clients interact with the system. Those nodes and interfaces can be mobile apps, or websites (web apps), and / or interactive devices such as digital watches or headsets, and so on. Talk with out engineers to see how you can the new technology available to fully or partially move your business and services to become an eBusiness.


eCommerce is the best way to make sure your project reach farther than it ever could’ve. If you are a retail business or a small company with a special product(s) you must consider online selling. Our engineers can help you enhance your current system with solutions that can increase sales, productivity, or cut cost, they can also help you with adopting the right platform and build your own custom one depends on your situation.

Artificial Intelligence A.I. and Machine Learning M.L.

Our engineers have been studying and working for yours on developing A.I. and M.L. algorithms in different fields helping company take advantage of this emerging technology to increase productivity, efficiency, or provide new services and solutions to their clients. Our A.I. and M.L. solutions can integrate with hardware such as drones and provide data collection and decision making for solutions such as the IoT.

Space Technology

Our vision is to be one of the solution providers for space technologies that will help humanity to explore the great space, and our team is always looking for opportunities and ideas to help.

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