Welcome to the club!

We are starting this club to provide a place for great minds and people who think differently to have a space to socialize, share ideas, do business, and have a good time for a better life.

This club is private and membership is not free. People applying for it will be reviewed to make sure they fit in and have harmony with the rest of members. This is not a secret or political group, and we expect all member to respect each other regardless of nationality, ideas, lifestyle, and / or thinking.

This club engages in meetings, chat groups, projects, and events on casual bases, and members have the freedom to communicate with each other outside the group, as one of the club goals is to help great thinkers to socialize on any mutual grounds or goals they share.

After submitting the application, it will be reviewed by board members before final approval and joining the club.

I, Rafet Khallaf, on behalf of the club members, appreciate your wish to join the club and be part of it, and hope to see you as an effective member in the club.


  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • Entrepreneur, innovator, thinker, philosopher, writer, or have love for science, technology, art, music, and graphic design and futuristic vision – don’t be intimidated, nobody knows everything 😉
  • Enjoy debates and discussions. 💡
  • Multilingual – not necessarily English
  • Easy going and enjoy company.
  • Have an open mind to the fact the this world is full of people who have different views, believes, and mind set.

Membership Application

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    We are currently starting the group locally in Riyadh but will consider expanding if we get enough applications in other places.

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