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Every business nowadays realizes the importance of selling its products and services online. The number of people moving from retail stores to online shopping is growing every day and that's due to the connivance of the online shopping with being able to shop at anytime, and reaching business that are hard to reach and with  the growing competition business have been developing the shopping experience and adding features such as wish list and others to make the customers experience easy, fun, and addictive.

The difference between eCommerce and eBusiness

There are two types of selling online. The first is selling products, which can be a physical product such as clothing, or a digital product such as Music and Software and this type of online selling is called eCommerce and a great examples for eCommerce are: Amazon, eBay, and AliBaba.

The other type of selling is services, which is called eBusiness such as Uber and Venmo – While both of these examples are mobile apps, they are actually a eBusiness model providing a service for fees, and the mobile app is considered their channel of operation or sale.

Successful online store factors

First: Building the right solution for your business

Budget Planning
Before starting building your online store, you must plan your budget and this process requires great amount of collaboration and transparency between the business and the developers.
Choosing the Right Platform
There are many platforms that allows you to sell your products online, and based on your business needs and budget some will be better option for you than others.
Customizing the Experience
Online shopping make's it easier for customers to compare your product with other stores looking for the best option for them. Providing features and functionalities that makes shopping easier helps keeping customers on your store and increases the conversion rate.
Availability on Multiple Devices
Making your online store available on more devices will increase your customers base and the shopping hours spent on the site.

Second: Spreading the word

Search Engine Optimization is an important part after you get your store up and running. People use search engine to find the products they are looking for and it helps getting new customers being on the first page on the search engine when searching for a product.
Sales Channels
Although you have your products available on your store, you still want to show them in more channels to increase sales and to gain more customers. Sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google Store, and Facebook can help a lot.
Planning for paid advertisement help boosting your store. With more options available nowadays it became more affordable to start a paid advertisement campaign for your business.
Social Media & Branding
Engaging with people in social media is a very important aspect in selling online. It helps with building loyal customers, attract new customers, and strengthen your name on the internet.

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