Cloud Computing

File Sharing & Repositories

Improve productivity & teamwork
Give your team the ability to share and collaborate documents inside your organization.
Share & Control documents with clients
Almost all file sharing solutions allow sharing and controlling documents outside the organization with information such as when was it opened, and how many times it was open and if they can or cannot make modifications to it.
Centerlize the organization's files
Working with multiple people can get messy sometimes with files saved on different places. With file sharing, your organization can have all documents and files in one location
Many choices
There are a lot of file sharing solutions to choose from depending on the organization's needs, and budget.

Implementation Process

File sharing implementation depends on the business or organization requirements, and the current implemented technologies. Some organizations are already established with technologies that provide files sharing and collaboration as an additional extension of add-on and if that extension meet the business requirements then it's would be best to consider that option before looking somewhere else.

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