Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization files

Local Backup

Backup Network Servers
Servers are the brain of most organizations networks and it's the most important thing to backup
Back Users Computers & Files
It's the second important thing to backup in the network to protect the users data that are not on the server
Files Versioning
this will allow storing multiple versions of files as they are modified for more accurate restoration when needed
Store your backups in a safe location

Remote Backup

This layer of backups allows you to setup a location to store backups from single or multiple locations. A good example for this can be storing backups from multiple branches or offices in a single private location.

Easy to Scale, Always Available, & Offer's More Control

Cloud Backup

The cloud technology provides one of the greatest solutions for data storage and backup. The cloud backup is the most cost effective due to its scalability, and what that means is, your storage will expand and shrink as you need, and you will only pay for the storage you use.

More Control

With the cloud console, managing the backed up data is easy to monitor and maintain. It also offer's features such as backup copies, actual SQL mirroring, quick spin up, and more.

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